Social Anxiety Therapist in San Diego

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Do you experience a lot of anxiety or stress in social situations? Do you worry too much about whether other people are judging you? Are you very afraid of looking stupid, awkward, or boring in front of others? Perhaps these worries make you avoid situations where you might feel embarrassed?

You may be struggling with social anxiety, which affects over 15 million Americans and is one of the most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorders. Though it is often described as extreme shyness, social anxiety is associated with significantly more difficulties in school, work, relationships, and overall functioning, compared to normal human shyness.

If you’ve noticed that your self-consciousness is interfering with living a happier, healthier life, you should know that there is very effective treatment for social anxiety. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the few forms of therapy that reliably helps people overcome their excessive fears of criticism or rejection. At the Center for Mental Wellness in San Diego, we provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with patience and empathy, and have helped numerous people change how they feel and behave in social interactions, whether in small groups or with large audiences.

The tools we teach for overcoming social anxiety are practical and immediate. Our team of compassionate, expertly trained psychologists can help you gain more confidence and stop avoiding situations you fear. Please contact us for a free phone consultation.