"It really is amazing for me to see how far she has come from the first days we spent with you. She has so much more self-confidence and is more willing to try things that are new to her, with an open mind."


Individual Therapy
One-on-one meetings are 50-60 minutes and typically occur weekly, though sessions can vary in frequency, depending on your needs. Individual therapy can be helpful for a wide variety of problems with mood, anxiety, regulating emotions, and compulsive behaviors. It can also help with improving functioning at school and work, and with relationships, motivation, and overall well-being.

Family and Couples Therapy
Family meetings are 50-60 minutes and can benefit anyone seeking healthier, closer relationships with family members. Couples therapy sessions are also 50-60 minutes and designed for all types of relationships, whether partners are dating, engaged, or married. Family and couples therapy focus on improving communication and collaborative problem-solving.

Diagnostic Assessments
A comprehensive evaluation can be an important first step in getting the most effective treatment. A diagnostic evaluation can identify which problems should be prioritized for treatment and the best therapy or medication available to treat a particular problem. A diagnostic evaluation can also help people understand prognosis and identify whether behaviors and feelings are just typical reactions to circumstances, or when therapy may be necessary.

What We Treat