Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Treatment

Do you feel like there’s a bully stuck inside your head? Perhaps the bully is telling you to repeat things over and over, whether it’s re-washing, re-counting, re-stepping, re-asking questions, or trying to get things “just right.”

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Or do disturbing thoughts get stuck in your head and, as hard as you try to push them out, they keep coming back?

Along with time-consuming rituals or unwanted thoughts and images that get stuck in your head, you may have noticed higher levels of anxiety and stress. These are symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a common illness that 2-3 million other individuals in the U.S. struggle with. It’s important to know that OCD can be treated.

Based on clinical research, Exposure and Response Prevention (a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is the leading treatment for children, teens and adults with OCD. At the Center for Mental Wellness in San Diego, we deliver these treatments with compassion and patience, and have helped numerous people get control of their OCD, even after feeling like OCD had control over them.

Whether you’ve just started to notice problems with OCD, or you’ve had a long struggle with finding good treatment, our team of empathetic, expertly trained therapists can help you gain more confidence, overcome anxiety, and learn practical skills for preventing recurrences of OCD in the future. Please contact us for a free phone consultation.