December 13, 2018

Too Much Screen Time? – 4 Signs to Watch for in Your Child

Most children these days are inevitably getting too much screen time. There are so many different devices. They are around us all of the time. Parents can’t help but wonder how to handle this aspect of their child’s life. We as a society are becoming increasingly aware of the potential dangers of too much screen […]
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December 4, 2018

3 Mindfulness Tips to Help You Keep Calm During the Holidays

Sometimes, it can feel impossible to keep calm during the holidays. There are just so many sources of holiday stress. Plus, seasonal anxiety triggers a lot of people during this time of year. However, you don’t have to succumb to the stress. Mindfulness can help. Mindfulness simply means the practice of being in the present […]
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November 28, 2018

Having Trouble Sleeping at Night? – Try These 5 Tips

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Insomnia plagues a large percentage of the population. There are many potential underlying causes. Ultimately, the best thing that you can do is to figure out the underlying cause and treat it. For example, if depression is causing you to have trouble sleeping at night, then treating the […]
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November 20, 2018

Are Your Disturbing Thoughts on Replay? Consider These Reasons

Disturbing thoughts are among the most frustrating symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Of course, all intrusive thoughts are frustrating. You don’t want to keep obsessing about anything at all. However, disturbing thoughts are even worse, because they feel so shameful. You don’t know why you’re thinking what you’re thinking. You wish that you weren’t. […]
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November 6, 2018

Struggling with a Phobia? Advice on How to Face Your Fears

If you are struggling with a phobia, then it is tempting to just avoid the thing that you fear. However, it is important to face your fears. Otherwise, the situation is only going to get worse. It seems counterintuitive to expose yourself to something that upsets you. That’s especially true if it’s something that seems […]
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October 30, 2018

5 Tips on How to Find the Right Group Therapy Type for You

There is more than one group therapy type. Some groups are based around specific ages. For example, children and teens have their own groups separate from adults. Often times groups come together because of similar issues. For example, a specific group might help people cope with anxiety, PTSD, addiction, or grief. Of course, there are […]
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October 10, 2018

Group Therapy for Children with Social Anxiety: What’s It Like?

Group therapy for social anxiety sounds a little bit counterintuitive, doesn’t it? After all, the last thing you want to do with social anxiety is to participate in a group. However, group therapy can be the best treatment for dealing with social anxiety. Children and teens with social anxiety often feel like they are alone. […]
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October 4, 2018

How to Tell If Your Child Has Social Anxiety

Are you wondering if your child has social anxiety? It is really hard as a parent to know exactly what is going on with your child. You know when something is a little “off,” but you can’t always tell what the problem is. Furthermore, it’s hard to know when something is just a phase that […]
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September 27, 2018

OCD Therapy: What Is Exposure and Response Prevention?

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) is the treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that has the most international research supporting its effectiveness. It is a specific type of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). CBT teaches people to recognize unhealthy patterns of thinking. That’s the “cognitive” part. The second part is the “behavior” part. CBT works to […]
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September 20, 2018

3 Reasons to Try Group Therapy for Your Child with OCD

You have a child with OCD. It feels like you have tried everything. Nevertheless, your child needs more support. Have you thought about trying group therapy? Some children may be hesitant about trying group therapy. However, research shows that there are immeasurable benefits. Of course, you can’t encourage your child to try group therapy unless […]
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September 11, 2018

OCD in Children: How to Understand and Identify It

It isn’t always easy for parents to recognize OCD in children. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a type of anxiety disorder. With this condition, a child will experience obsessions manifesting as fears or preoccupations. Additionally, some children will engage in compulsions, which are repetitive behaviors. In some cases, the fears and behaviors may be very obvious. […]
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August 7, 2018

Finding Balance: 3 Steps to Overcoming Perfectionism

Overcoming perfectionism requires balance. Striving for excellence, seeking to improve—your skill at public speaking, your stamina in sports competition, your knowledge of a foreign language—is healthy when you are happy with yourself and want to be even better. Perfectionism, however, comes from feeling that you’re never good enough. A perfectionist’s striving is unrealistic. It’s an […]
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July 17, 2018

5 Compelling Reasons to Try Group Psychotherapy

Because we’re human, we are familiar with being members of a group—family, school, work, and social groups. It follows that groups are realistic settings for solving real-life problems. And that includes groups in the therapy setting. In group therapy, one or two professional therapists help several people with similar problems—such as anxiety, addiction or illness—work […]
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July 12, 2018

Group Therapy for Social Anxiety: Why It Works

Social anxiety disorder is not as unusual as you may think. About 12% of Americans have social anxiety at some point in their lives. Extreme fear of social interaction can lead people to avoid social situations, even if it means losing a job or contact with family and friends. And, like many mental disorders, it’s […]
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July 2, 2018

Building a Positive Family Environment – 5 Practical Steps

Family of three on beach vacation over sunset[/caption] Children’s lives center on their families. That’s where they learn how to be individuals and how to fit into society. To succeed, kids need a positive family environment. How is it possible to build that environment in the rush of modern life? Parents have careers, kids have […]
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June 26, 2018

The Secret of Long-Term Relationships? – Showing Love with Daily, Small Gestures

Small gestures make people feel loved. In fact, they can do more to make your relationship last than over-the-top romantic gestures. Researchers at the College of Health and Human Development at Penn State asked 495 American adults about whether they would feel loved in 60 different scenarios. Results showed that loving actions are the best […]
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June 4, 2018

Relationship Communication: How to Give Negative Feedback to Your Partner

Most people don’t like being told what they’ve done wrong. Even if we try to keep an open mind, negative feedback can lead to counter-criticism and argument that ruins relationship communication. In fact, often, poor communication between couples leads to blaming, fights, and damage to the relationship. It’s difficult to tell your partner that you’re […]
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February 9, 2017

Can Therapy Change Your Personality?

Enduring Changes in Personality May Happen Quicker Than You Think

Most people seeking therapy are struggling with a problem (or multiple problems) that they want to overcome. They rarely come to therapy stating, “I want to change my personality.” They want to keep the essence of who they are, but make the tweaks needed to achieve something they haven’t been able to achieve on their […]
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